Reinvent the system

Automatic Micro-tax on all payments


The Automatic Micro-Tax (AMTDC) is a Tax-Code based on a different approach, which no longer aims at citizens and corporations and their respective income and profit. Subject to a minimal taxation are all payment transactions, which represent the largest conceivable tax source. Being levied automatedly, the Micro-Tax is fair and easy to handle. The financial industry now conjointly makes an automatic tax contribution, thus relieving stress and strain on individual taxpayers and corporations. Due to their vastness, monetary flows constitute a tax base of extreme abundance. Existing direct and indirect tax schemes will therefore become obsolete.


The Automatic Micro-Tax comes closest to a just and equitable tax code which is easy to understand and friendly to all tax payers. The Micro-Tax introduces transparency into the financial system. It may well serve as an early warning system against future financial and economic crises.


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